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Using private blog networking: good or bad

On internet we see a wide range of blogs. Some talk about the efficiency of the private blog networking while others are against it. It becomes difficult for a layman to understand is it really beneficial to use private blog networking or not. This is in the hands of blogger whether to make it effective or worsen the situation with 21pbn. I support PBN service until and unless you take care of the footprints and avoid things that can lead to your blacklisting and ultimate delisting from the index. This is not an easy task to find the PBN networks and search engines are normally not capable of doing so unless they use a manual review for this purpose and manual review means a physical person would inspect your network and would try to identify any factious link building being done in the network.

What is PBN?

It stands for private blog networking and is a collection of authoritative websites in the index of a search engine being used to back link a website which is the actual money generating website. These websites in the index provides link to that one site and in turn increase the ranking of that website. 21 PBN, for instance is a great way to backlink your gambling website. Gambling websites are in high demand these days because of the ease they provide to the users. This is a great way to increase the ranking of your gambling website using the back links from already present good and authentic gambling websites.

As we all know that, ranking is greatly affected by the back links provided by other websites that is why different search engine optimization experts have devised this mechanism of private blog networking and are helping their clients to achieve the top ranking in quick time.

July 11, 2019