The First Day at College

The First Day at College: Behind the Scenes

Now you are a happy student in your dream college. You’ve got your bags packed for a long-term exciting travel. It’s time you find out what to expect from it when you step on a college campus.

Going back to my memories about the first day as a freshman, I felt excited and nervous. I felt very nervous.

I even felt that panic grew as I spoke about it. Panic. It made my first day at college a stressful one. For you not to make the same mistake as I did, here what I will tell you. If you meet poker-faced students or those who seem as confident as a rock, that’s a mask. Every freshman is inclined to panic.

It’s natural. When I was so nervous that I couldn’t utter even a single word, I stopped and told myself: “That’s just one day out of thousands I’m going to spend here. So, it doesn’t define anything. Relax!” This encouragement worked. Although it could have worked better if I wore comfortable shoes. So, take my advice. Be easy and choose something comfortable to wear. It is better to get tight jeans and high heels for a college freshmen party.

As I moved along slowly, excited, terrified and tired of carrying my heavy bags, I was suddenly stricken with fear that I wouldn’t make friends with students in a dorm. With this daunting thought in mind, I entered my empty room and started unpacking things. Before I could make my mind that shell to take, a crowd dropped in to say “hi” and introduce themselves. It helped me get acquainted with lots of people and make long-term friends. But that’s not just my amiability that broke the ice. If you want to make friends and don’t feel lonely leave the door open and be welcoming every time someone drops in.

Once you make yourself a bit comfortable in the dorm, explore the campus. That is another issue that may make you feel frustrated. I remember hopelessly wandering around the campus with a map in my hands in the attempt to find the needed class. When I was utterly confused with that maze on a map and in my head, I simply asked the way and quickly found where I needed to be. Hopefully, I did it the day before classes began otherwise I would be late and get the worst seat. So, make your tour around the campus beforehand and don’t be shy to ask for help.

Still, no matter how independent you are, homesickness is inevitable. I remember coming back from classes and crying every time I looked at my family photo. Although I was quite comfortable with new people who surrounded me and my new life, it took me about a month to come over homesickness. If you want to get used to new surroundings and survive the first day at college stress-free set your heart on the best years of your life. Take this period as something natural that leads to new accomplishments. I did it and spent marvelous college years.