7 Helpful Commandments You Should Know to Study Successfully

I don’t know. This is the main thing. You do not know anything. And either you want or do not want to learn it. It’s your choice, your freedom. But if you want to learn something, then you have to honestly say: “I do not know.”
It’s hard to say why some people study well and others bad.
“I got it! No questions! “- A good phrase. Especially if this is true. But it is not always appropriate.
Are you, the Lord God ?! If people did not have questions, we would be living still in caves, or somewhere in the trees. We do want to be sure, because we want to feel cool and clever!
And we are so often misled by people who authoritatively declare: “I know!” We want to believe them so much! But in fact this “I know” turns out to be a mask used for any plausible or unseemly purposes, and in the best case, “I know” – is a conscious, responsible choice of the person to take some position based on his experience and the experience of other people.
Do you think that those who are teaching you “know”? Naive child! They are just learning a little longer or have a more courage. Or just take a different social status.
Great Teachers and first graders, in fact, don’t differ. Einstein and you could play “Tic Tac Toe” and Sir Isaac Newton would be happy to learn from you the art of computer management.
Those who made great discoveries, were able to say to themselves, others, nature, God, “I do not know.” We all learn and play.

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The First Commandment

All that you study – is not an absolute truth. These are just comfortable, practically approved models, knowledge and ideas. They should be treated carefully and with respect, but do not absolutize them and do not take them as a dogma.

The Second Commandment

The things that you learn – are not loose set of facts, information, theories, methods … The things that you learn – is a system. The system of knowledge, which has its own structure and integrity. And it’s important to see, to understand and to feel this integrity.


The Third Commandment

The purpose of training is not to “stuff” yourself with knowledge and skills, but to develop your potential. Learning is a training and development of intelligence and other aspects of the personality, rather than filling the shelves in the library or mechanical testing of programs of action.

The Fourth Commandment

There are no uninteresting subjects. Sometimes the inability to find the interest and incompetent teaching discourages learning. Almost in any information one can find interest and see the meaning to study.


The Fifth Commandment

Your teachers are human beings. Not angels, not animals, not robots, not scarecrows. They are ordinary people, same as you but a little different. Most likely, they are not very brilliant, but not quite so blunt. They are unlikely to be sadistic or neurotic, but they are not saints.

The Sixth Commandment

Ratings – is not an indicator of knowledge. They only conditionally designate the level of knowledge of the subject. But grades cannot fully describe our knowledge. You shouldn’t learn for the sake of ratings. While on the other hand, the assessment – also part of the learning process.


The Seventh Commandment

To study successfully – is very simple and interesting. It is a natural state. There is nothing particularly to be proud of, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. Good study does not require any super-powers, super-efforts or too much time. But, of course, it requires strength, effort and time.


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